How to turn on Urb Vape

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After purchasing urb carts from us, its important our customers know how to turn on urb vape. Below are 4 general steps needed in order to turn on urb vapes;

  1. Check the compatibility: Ensure that the URB vape is compatible with your vape pen or battery. Different cartridges may have different connection types, such as 510-threaded or magnetic connections. Make sure the cart is designed to fit with your specific device.

  2. Prepare the battery: If your vape pen or battery has a power button, turn it on by pressing it multiple times rapidly (usually five times) within a specific timeframe. Again, this feature is commonly referred to as “five-click protection.” Some batteries may have a different power activation method, so consult the user manual for your specific device if needed.

  3. Attach the cart: Once the battery is turned on, screw or attach the URB vape to the battery. For 510-threaded connections, simply screw the cart onto the battery until it is securely attached. For magnetic connections, align the cart with the battery and let the magnets guide them together.

  4. Inhale and enjoy: With the cart attached to the battery, you can now inhale through the mouthpiece of the cart while pressing the power button (if applicable) or by activating an automatic draw-activated feature, depending on your device. This should activate the heating element in the cart and allow you to use it.

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